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Obtaining Payday Loans in Canada

A genuine need exists for companies to help customers by providing Canada payday loan cash advances. These help many people cope with emergencies and unexpected expenses. Every year over two million Canadians avail themselves of short term unsecured loans in various amounts from $100 to $1,500. The loans can be applied for online or at 1400 offices around the country.

In the 1990s a need developed for short term unsecured loans in smaller amounts and companies began offering payday loans. Many companies started to outsource their payroll work and this made it impossible for an employee to receive an advance on their paychecks. Finance companies and banks were not ready to offer small transactions such as these and this created a niche market for payday cash advances.

Typical Customer
To qualify for a payday loan, the companies require the person to have a pay stub or other verification of employment, identification and a checking account. According to the CPLA—Canadian Payday Loan Association—47% of the customers are men and 53% are women. Most of these earn average incomes. In addition, CPLA reports these people are educated and understand the higher cost of these loans. However, they appreciate the convenience of having the loan available when they need quick cash.

Usually, these types of loans are needed for expenses that were unexpected such as doctor or dentist bills and that strain the family budget. They are meant for occasional use and not as a monthly substitute for income. Government regulations, in fact, prohibit the rolling over of debt by the loan companies. When a customer takes out a loan, he or she writes a post dated check for the date of their next payday to fully reimburse the amount of the loan and the added interest. Taking advantage of a payday loan typically means the customer has no other recourse to access needed funds.

Business Controls and Guidelines
Federal government legislation oversees the payday loan companies and provides regulations. For those customers who appear to have financial problems or heavy debt, the CPLA requests the lending agencies provide credit counseling. Consumer protection groups welcome this approach for Canada payday loan cash advances. They see it as a step toward dealing with present concerns and keeping the balance between the increase in personal debt and the need for occasional emergency cash.


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