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Getting a 1500 payday loan in Canada

At some point in time, you are going to need extra cash. In these moments, some people ask friend and family members if they can borrow the money while others choose to get payday loans. A payday loan is the perfect solution for people that have a paycheck coming in regularly. This wonderful solution is good for people that have less than perfect credit because a person's credit score is not checked. It is possible to get a $1500 payday loan the same day that you need it so that you can cover bills without being charged a late fee. 

The Advantages of Getting a $1500 Payday Loan

One of the best parts of getting a payday loan is that most people are approved right away. There is no long waiting period, filling out a ton of paper work, or any worries. Payday loans are meant to be a quick alternative to other loan options for people that have no credit or even poor credit. Thanks to the internet, many people can apply for this type of loan online. Everything can be verified electronically so there is no need to send in your ID, paycheck stubs, or bank account information. Payday loans are an easy option for busy people. 

How to Apply For Your Loan

Be sure that you choose a lender that has a good reputation for offering reasonable rates and fast loans. You can apply to a good lender like with ease. Just go to the site, find the application, and fill it out with your up to date information. While filling out your application you are going to need the following information:

. ID number
. Current address and the number of years at that address
. Name and number of your employer's name
. How often you get paid and how much
. Bank routing numbers and account numbers
. Your bank account status

By having all of this information handy, the application should not take more than ten minutes to complete. Imagine being able to get your $1500 payday loan just by filling out some paperwork over the internet. 

How Do These Loans Work?

You simply submit your payday loan application and you will get an approval. Sometimes the lender may need more information if something could not be verified electronically. As soon as you are approved, you will get a loan contract. Read everything carefully before signing it to learn how much interest you are going to need to pay, the amount of money you are eligible for, when your payment is going to be due, and the late fees that you will be charged if you do not make your payment on time. Once you sign the contract, look for your money within one business day. The repayment will be taken from your bank account on the due date. 

Remember that payday loans are a short-term fix. If you are careful with the money, a $1500 payday loan can help you out of a difficult situation. You can use the cash to fix your car, pay your rent payment, go to the doctor, or even to pay for a birthday party that you did not have the cash for at the moment. This money can do a lot if you let it.


I was able to fill out the application and get my approval from the comfort of my office during my lunch break.  The funds were deposited into my account that night. 

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The whole experience working with Bridge Payday Loan was fantastic.  The application took me 5 minutes to fill out and I had the loan documents within two minutes.  The money was wired to me as promised.  

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